Memorial at Nay Aug Park

Championed by Mayor Christopher Doherty and the families of our departed heroes, the monument recognizes the sacrifice our local men and women made in order to preserve our freedom and way of life.

The area, designed for tranquility, thought, respite and release, is situated along the Davis Trail and adjacent to the future reconstruction of the Greenhouse at Nay Aug Park. Individual monuments honor the life of one soldier and are strengthened by the structured system that locates his fallen brothers and sisters. As each soldier backs up one another while placing their lives in each others hands, the monuments are placed back to back and are unified by the space weaved between.

Placed at an angle to the existing Trail, the monument creates space to step off the trail and reflect upon the individual life of a soldier spent in honor. Indigenous materials, such as the Pennsylvania field stone bench, ground the monument to its site. Steel was chosen for each individual marker because as it weathers it emits a natural rust coating that protects the steel from the elements forever.

joseph/rominksi/architecture and Stracka Construction are proud to have brought this vision to reality in built form. It was our honor to be a part of something that not only commemorates the death of our local heroes but celebrates their individual lives.